Why Choose Muluma?

Community Transformation Projects

Muluma is actively involved in community projects and are the appointed Project Managers for Anglo Inyosi Coal Community Trust Managers to implement a broad-based socio-economic ownership strategy by empowering communities within the geographic environments of Anglo American Inyosi Coal mines. AICCT was established by Anglo American and Anglo Inyosi (Pty)Ltd. It is a public benefit organisation that was founded to empower the Witbank community.
The five focus areas identified to address the needs of the community, include the following:

  • Welfare and humanitarianism
  • Healthcare
  • Land and housing
  • Education and development
  • Conservation, environment and animal welfare

“Supporting Phola Learners through Lethutshintsho – Project Handover: September 13-16, 2022” 

Lethutshintsho, an NPO in Phola, aims to provide essential support to learners in need by searching and documenting their requirements, including school uniforms, stationery, and toiletries. The project’s objectives are to ensure adequate and quality supplies for 177 identified learners from three schools in Phola, fostering a conducive learning environment and addressing inequalities. The anticipated outcomes include increased visibility for the trust’s investment in education, improved mental health and confidence among learners, and fostering equality and responsibility. The delivery of school uniforms, stationery packs, toiletry packs, and school bags to the respective schools, as well as two handover ceremonies and media coverage, highlights the trust’s commitment to supporting Phola learners. The project encourages learners’ focus on their studies, fosters equality, and empowers them with the necessary resources for educational success. 

“Empowering Early Childhood Development at Isibonelo Nursery School – Project Handover: August 16, 2022”  

Isibonelo Nursery School’s project focuses on enhancing early childhood education by providing access to educational resources and empowering learners. Through the delivery of ECD approved story books, a new printing machine, administration laptops, and desktop computers, the project aims to improve learning opportunities and modernize the school’s facilities. Painting the library roof, kitchen roofs, and pantry further enhances the learning environment. The project seeks to increase the school’s capacity, prepare learners for primary school and future technologies, and showcase the trust’s commitment to education in the Phola community. The handover ceremony and media coverage highlight the positive impact of the trust’s investment in early childhood development at Isibonelo Nursery School.

“Empowering Education in Phola through Mpapo Trading/Mpapo Academy – Project Handover: July 26, 2022”  

Mpapo Trading/Mpapo Academy, established in 2018, has been making a remarkable impact in Phola by offering tutoring services to over 100 learners from various schools. With a team of dedicated tutors, the project aims to provide access to educational resources, empower the youth through education, and increase Mpapo’s capacity to support more learners. The successful handover of essential items such as computers, printers, study guides, and stationery has further enhanced Mpapo’s ability to expand its tutoring program. The handover ceremony, attended by school representatives, parents, and learners, garnered media attention, highlighting the trust’s commitment to education in Phola. This project marks a significant step towards empowering learners, improving academic results, and fostering a brighter future through education in the community. 

“Promoting Social Inclusion: Wheelchair Donations for Persons with Disabilities – Project Completion: May 31, 2022” 

The project focused on enhancing the social inclusion of persons living with disabilities in the Emalahleni community through the provision of much-needed wheelchairs. The wheelchairs were branded, elevating the visibility and accessibility of the trust to the community. Collaborating with community organizations and stakeholders, the project aimed to provide 100 wheelchairs to beneficiaries in Phola and Emalahleni. The objectives included increasing awareness of the trust, improving accessibility and mobility for beneficiaries, fostering social inclusion, and generating more requests from community members with disabilities. The project successfully donated 15 wheelchairs in Phola on January 27, 2022, 69 wheelchairs in Witbank on April 26, 2022, and 4 wheelchairs in Phola on May 31, 2022, reaching a total of 87 wheelchairs donated. This initiative has made a significant impact by promoting social inclusion and improving the lives of persons with disabilities in the Emalahleni community. 

“Empowering Youth through Sports: Supporting Phola Youth Achievers Forum (PYAF) – Project Handover: May 7, 2022”  

Phola Youth Achievers Forum (PYAF), an NPO established in 2018, utilizes sports as a means to keep youth away from negative influences. Seeking sponsorship for kit and training equipment, PYAF aims to provide access to sports and recreation for young girls in Phola. Through a successful handover ceremony, the project has enabled PYAF to continue their sports program, recruit more girls, and enhance visibility. The project acknowledges the positive impact of sports on girls’ confidence, self-esteem, academic performance, and life skills. The delivery of kits, equipment, and facilities has further supported their goals. The handover event received media coverage, showcasing the trust’s commitment to empowering youth through sports in the Phola community. 

AICCT Wheelchair Handover Ceremony 27 January 2022

AICCT and their Project Managers Muluma handed over 15 Wheelchairs to beneficiaries in Phola, Ogies.


AICCT Board Trustees, the Muluma team, Aidmed SA (supplier), The Royal House delegation and beneficiaries

Muluma’s Muzi Masilela assisting a beneficiary into his new wheelchair

The Muluma team L-R: Bohlokoa Masia, Itu Mokebe, Muzi Masilela, Kolobe Pabale, Tumi Mabutla, and Tebogo Lefifi

Ambulance handover on 10 December 2021 at Puma Stadium, Emalahleni Local Municipality, Mpumalanga

As Project Managers for Anglo Inyosi Coal Community Trust (AICCT) Muluma Management Consulting Group built and handed over an ambulance to the Mpumalanga Health Department, on their behalf.

Muluma Ambulance Handover

Featured at the event is from left to right: Tebogo Lefifi (Muluma), Muzi Masilela (Muluma), Sakkie Mahlatji (Emergency Re-modelling), John Baloyi (AICCT Trustee), Dudu Zulu (AICC Trust Administrator), Nomfundo Cebekhulu (AICCT Trustee), Lindi Mahlangu (AICCT Trustee and Tumi Mabutla (Muluma)

Muluma Certificate and Ambulance handover

John Baloyi (AICCT Trustee) and Hon MEC of Health in Mpumalanga Sesekani J Manzini

AICCT Trustees John Baloyi and Lindi Mahlangu

AICCT Trustees John Baloyi and Nomfundo Cebekhulu

Portia’s Heart, Phola, Mpumalanga

Muluma procured furniture and equipment for Portia’s Heart in Phola which included learner desks and chairs, reading books, whiteboard, laptops and accessories and tablets.

Muluma’s Directors (Muzi Masilela, Tumi Mabutla and Kolobe Pabale) together with the Trust’s Administrator did the handover to Portia’s Heart Managing Founder on 14 September 2021.

Sizimisele Phola Youth Centre in Mpumalanga

In September 2021 Muluma procured laptops, projectors, printing machine, office chairs and router to Sizimisele Phola Youth Centre in Phola.

Muluma’s Directors (Muzi Masilela, Tumi Mabutla and Kolobe Pabale) together with the Trust’s Administrator did the handover to Sizimisele Phola Youth Centre on 14 September 2021.

“Empowering the eMalahleni Community through Mabena Clothing Manufacturing Services – Project Handover: February 21, 2021”  

Mabena Clothing Manufacturing Services, a 100% black and women-owned company, has experienced remarkable growth over the past four years. Starting with only two industrial sewing machines, they now boast 19 sewing machines and two embroidery machines. With a commitment to uplifting the community, the project aims to train locals in operating complex manufacturing machines, provide on-the-job training for unemployed youth, and support schools, orphanages, and old age homes through donations. The project has successfully created 39 permanent jobs for the youth, partnered with local centers to teach sewing skills, and acquired essential equipment. The handover ceremony, held at the Mabena shop and covered by local media, celebrates the positive impact on the community and promotes self-employment and entrepreneurship.