Kolobe Pabale


Kolobe is an Electronics Engineer and has valuable experience garnered from different industries. Before joining Muluma he was in the role of National Manager as a Solutions Architect for a company that focused on customized, expert-led, specialist-driven and output-based supply chain solutions. He was key in driving end to end warehouse optimization projects for a number of clients. Kolobe’s expertise includes Key Accounts Management with emphasis on continuous improvement. He also spent 5 years at SAB where he held various positions and quickly moved up the ranks from Management Trainee, Business Unit Manager to Logistics Manager. Furthermore, he gained experience in the aviation sector where he was a Certification Engineer for SA Civil Aviation Authority with specific focus on avionics. His career started off at a research institute at CSIR as a Candidate Researcher – scoping technical performance, generating technical documentations for projects, setting up and testing hardware.