Why Choose Muluma?

Our Process

The Muluma Management Consulting Group prides itself in offering integrated Business Optimization Solutions to improve an organization’s ability to run cost efficiently. At the heart of Muluma’s operations is our proprietary tool, our secret sauce if you will, the Muluma PPQ Formula which guides our value based process to optimize an organization’s business strategy, process, people, performance and systems.

To understand a business problem Muluma knows that you need to appreciate the key value drivers in the business: Profitability, Productivity and Quality Performance. These critical themes determine a company’s ability to succeed or fail and requires seamless integration and attention throughout an organization. Muluma’s proficiency is evident in their motto: ‘Our system is an organized effort geared to improve essential functions in business by simplifying the transformation onto a digital platform to reduce cost without compromising on performance, reliability, quality and safety’.

Businesses who are able to migrate quickly to digital environments are going to lead the way into the future, securing sustainable growth and cultivating a new calibre of employee – those who make the difference and set their own benchmarks instead of relying on outdated research models.

Muluma Transformers Structure

The Muluma Management Team understands today’s challenges and the importance of transforming business onto a digital platform – simplifying the entire process and ensuring a quick integration throughout the entire organization. This allows for improved efficiencies, cost savings and compliance in the areas of Process, People, Systems and IT.

Our specialized Transformers Team is able to assist with your business challenges no matter how big or small and can easily tailor a solution to meet your business needs, within budget.